Network & Security Lead

Company Name:
Bay Shore Staffing
Act as the principal designer for major voice and/or data network systems and their subsystems utilizing a thorough understanding of available technology, tools and existing designs. Acts as expert technical resource to networking staff in all phases of the development and implementation process. Performs related duties as assigned or requested. Provides highly technical consulting and leadership in identifying and implementing new network technologies that assist the functional business units in meeting their strategic objectives. Decisions require creative thinking to envision the future system landscape and develop system migration plans; may oversee the decisions made by others. Receives general direction from the IT Manager or IT Director. Job responsibilities to include:
1. Provides a daily on-line review of external threats and issues related to security including but not limited to those found in the media (i.e.Newspapers, the Internet and Magazines).
2. Monitor and maintain the highest level of security for Investments data, computing environment, systems and desktops.
3. Provides comprehensive consultation to business unit and IT management and staff at the highest technical level on all phases of the project development cycle.
4. Works closely with the management to identify and specify the complex business requirements and processes (e.g., diverse development platforms, software, hardware, technologies and tools, etc.); researches and evaluates alternative solutions and recommends the most efficient and cost effective solution for the network system(s) design.
5. Assist and mentor networking staff ensuring the highest level confidence in our network
6. Effectively communicates the most complex technical issues with sensitivity to diverse audiences.
7. Performs analysis, system design, documentation, testing, implementation and on-going support for network systems.
8. Guides the development of technical and product standards based on long range plan and vision.
Bachelor degree in
Science or a related discipline, and eight years of solid, diverse work experience in computer/network security and network technology, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience. Requires excellent analytical ability, strong judgment and problem analysis techniques, an in-depth knowledge of the business unit's functions and applications, and a broad knowledge of networking alternatives. Excellent communication, negotiation, presentation and consensus building skills required. In-depth knowledge of business operations, objectives and strategies required. In-depth knowledge of IT concepts, strategies, and methodologies. In-depth knowledge of Juniper OS and Networking equipment. Exposure to Palo Alto a plus.

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